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Dragon Martingale tool weekly

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Dragon Martingale tool weekly

Nguyễn Đình
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This tool use Maringale method to take profit


  • Label: Label of the bot

  • LicenseKey: License Key of the bot

  • Run by time: True if you want bot only start new position on some range of time Bot open new order only if time between(Start Hour:Start Miniute) and (End Hour UTC:End Minite))

  • Start Hour UTC:

  • Start Minute:

  • End Hour UTC:

  • End Minute 

  • Max Price

  • Min Price (Bot only open new position if ask price beetween (Min Price and Max price))

  • Buy: Yes if you want to open Buy Position

  • Sell: Yes if you want to open Sell Position

  • PipStep: If previous trade lose PipStep the bot will open more position (Martingale)

  • Init Lot: Lot size of first position

  • Lot exponent Chains: Lot size open if lose PipStep seperate by comma (Ex: 1st Position 0.01 Lot, PipStep 30, Lot exponent Chains is "2,3,4" if 1st positon lose 30 pips, 2nd position will open with volume 0.01*2=0.02 Lot, if 2nd position lose 30 pips 3rd position will open with volume 0.01*3=0.03 lot ...)

  • CloseType: FirstPosition if Total profit of last positions +first posion> Profit, the bot will close first position and last positions. All if profit of all positions> Profit

  • Max Slippage: Max Slippage

  • Max Spread:Max Spread

  • Min Equity: If Equity> this parameter the bot will not open more new position

  • Max Equity: If Equity< this parameter the bot will not open more new position

  • Close All < Equity: The bot will stop if Equity< this price

  • Profit: Profit by currency (EX USD)

  • Stoploss: Stoploss of each position For Monthly Only 10$ For annual license Just 100$ For weekly Only 3$

Contacts please write to: 

Telegram :

 Other products at

Ps: I used this bot for this copy trade

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